Recently I saw an ad in one of the western magazines entitled, "The Thrill of a Lifetime . . . Owning a Bucking Bull!" For a mere $10-15,000, you too can buy a bull that may or may not end up winning a lot of money bucking off hapless cowboys. That reminded me of my earlier days in the securities industry where greenhorns rushed to buy some part of a prize bull (and reap some hefty tax write-offs if nothing else).

It caught my eye – a brief note in a Texas magazine – about radio podcasts set in or around Marfa, Texas. Marfa has resonated with me for several years; I have visited there in years past and included the 1970s Marfa of my memory in my book WRANGLE. Since then the town has changed; the diverse population of ranchers, Latinos and artists landed the town on 60 Minutes; and now there's a podcast!

It is always a special pleasure for an author to have the opportunity to talk about her writing in general and her novel in particular. I got that opportunity a few months back when I was interviewed by Andi Cumbo-Floyd on her AndiLit blog page. She is a fellow author and the owner of God's Whisper Farm – a special place that inspires her own writing. Andi has graciously given me permission to republish that interview.