Even when an author has no intention of writing a memoir or biography of their lives, a part of us ends up in the nooks and crannies of our work. My book WRANGLE (on sale through Amazon) is a fictional account of life on a quarter horse ranch in Hempstead, Texas, in the 1970s but the book comes partially from my own consciousness and thus has snippets of my life.

The relationship between Texas and its Mexican population has been an uneasy one from the very beginning, when Anglos came to settle the wild land at the request of the Mexican government, only to pretty much take over from there. In his Klail City Death Trip Series, Chicano author Rolando Hinojosa captured some of the cultural divide as it has existed in the Twentieth Century forward in his homeland of the lower Rio Grande Valley, a land of "Mexican Texans and Anglo Texans living side by side."

It did not occur to me at the time, when I was a senior at Arlington High School way back in 1958, but there were a lot of similarities between my cousin Jerry Fuller (a year older than I) and TV/Music star Rick Nelson (a year younger). And certainly I could not have predicted that Jerry and Rick's careers would have intersected in a meaningful way years later.  It was not until recently that I came to realize that I too was a tiny part of that connective tissue.