I never know where I'm gonna come across one of our Texas girls. Some months back I encountered an Abilene native named Sara Walsh who spent a lot of years running an art gallery and book store in the town of Augusta, Montana (population 300). Now that took grit! She responded to one of my blogs with a list of some of her favorite western books and I just had to know more about this woman.

Growing up in Texas in the 1940s I was enamored with the mythical life of the American Indian; like every other kid, I played Cowboys & Indians with my siblings, unaware at that tender age of the real tragedies and inequity of history. Now that I am back in my old stomping grounds and chatting often with my dad about our family, little scraps of my childhood come back to me, including my desire to be an Apache.

My curiosity was piqued when I saw an advertisement run by Texas State University in regard to their Witliff Collections that include the papers of author,  playwright, screenwriter and actor Sam Shepard and my first thought was: is there a Texas connection? I can understand TSU also owning the papers of Cormac McCarthy, an author who wrote literary westerns in general and Texas westerns in particular, but Sam Shepard?